I would like to thank you all for coming tonight. I’d like to on behalf of my husband Richard and all the JD family, we are so honored to have you all here tonight.

她说欠好一个完好的语句,I'd like to还没说完呢就说了一个新语句we are so honored to... 这个语句能够这样改:On behalf of my husband Richard and all the JD family, I'd like to say that we are so...

Actually Liz you already said everything I prepared. My husband Richard founded the company 12 years ago from zero to now. We listed in Nasdaq 3 years agowith a market cap of 40 billion US dollars now.

这段话要表达的内容很简单,还开了个小打趣。这儿的from zero to now能够详细阐明一下,由于now并不是一个名词,例如from zero to now the largest retailer in China. 这让我想到一个表达"from scratch",即“自食其力”,咱们今后想表达这个意思的时分能够用到。

We listed in Nasdaq 3 years ago with a market cap of 40 billion US dollars now,这句话我以为或许会有歧义:是3年前的market cap是40 billion仍是现在?假如拆成两句话或许用连词衔接或许会好一些,例如We listed in Nasdaq 3 years ago. Now the market cap is 40 billion US dollars.

Last year, our GMV, which is the sales volume, isabout 140 billion US dollars. So we are actually the largest retailer in China both online and offline.

这儿的一个细节咱们能够学习:解说咱们或许不熟悉的概念。GMV是啥,不是专业人士或许并不了解,她就解说了一下"which is the sales volume."

Though we are big, but we are young. Especially in the fashion industry. You know, our Chinese customers change quickly.Decades years ago, people only like cheap products. They don’t care about design, they don’t care about brands, they don't care about the price.

decades的意思是"a period of ten years",这儿直接说Decades ago就好了。这一段最大的问题是时态

But now, especially the younger generations in China, we wanna be different. So they wanna find a niche brand, they wanna good quality and good design, as many of the brands that you have. So we find out this good opportunity for us as well as for you to work together to bring Chinese customer, you know, more prestigious brand like you. That’s why we are here tonight. We are here to make new friends. And we are here to, quite open to discuss all the ways we can work together and new thoughts and everything. So thank you. Thank you all for tonight. Wish you could enjoy this dinner. Cheers!


  • 能听懂她要表达的意思,发音方面没有什么显着问题,节奏和语调比较天然
  • 首要问题是语法,尤其是时态不精确,有时分语句不完好
  • 全体遣词造句比较单一